Friday, June 15, 2012

 Well, I finally got my pictures to load. I started this process way too long ago. :) #1 A picture of the school children during the ceremony where the books were given to the teachers and students. Originally I was trying to upload a picture that included the village chief. I think I will go and take a very nice picture with the village chief at his house instead.
 #2 Just another day in the kitchen. This picture was taken after I had completed the process of washing the dishes from breakfast and lunch, and all of our produce we had bought at the market in Ejura. Hot and sweaty is a constant state here. :)
 #3 A picture of me counting pills. I do not remember what kind of pills those were anymore, but like I had said earlier it has always been a dream of mine to count pills. Actually this is a staged photo. I am not counting these, but just pretending to for memory's sake. My photo from lab didn't load, so maybe next week? See those syrup bottles in the background? A large bottle of Alvite Syrup fell out of the bottom of the box. (Note this is not something that should happen.) They didn't fire me after this incident, but laughed at me so it is all good.
 The village children on Wednesday morning when we went with Rev. Jerry to do a felt picture story of Moses and the Red Sea. There are a lot of them! Somewhere hiding in this mixture is my dear Mother Theresa. She loves these kids, and she teaches in that classroom on the right, and the kids love her.
 Just another Monday in Ejura. Monday is market day so we travel to Ejura to get a week of supplies. There are too many things here that I could comment on so I will just let you interpret what is going on however you want.
This picture was taken today...June 15! I am holding a very small baby squirrel that the kids gave to Gretchen and I. Except, they aren't all looking in this photo. The squirrel was adorable, but I told the kids that I heard his mommy missed him so hopefully they gave the little squirt back.


  1. Abby in the first pic with the teacher holding the cane; hope he did not use it on any of the students (u should ask them what they use that for) cos in my time in school i got stokes of those canes almost every day. My butt adopted to the pain been a while now.

  2. I love reading about all the things God is showing you this summer! May you truly be blessed by his presence and may your prayer be "in your presence, there is fullness of joy."

    All is grace,

  3. Haha Emmanuel....yes they do use them on the students, not often, but it did happen. :)
    Thanks Tara!